Z O E L O E   K A M P U S



Rev Andrew Matsi

Inkonzo ikhona masonto onke ngesiZulu ngehora le 10:00 labo abahlala edolobheni. Umfundisi Andrew Matsi nguyena oqhuba njalo lezonkonzo e holweni lesikole iStanderton Primary. Nimukelekile nonke

Thintana no Mfundisi uAndrew Matsi emahovisini ethu kulenombolo (017) 712-2929

Eredienste word ook op Sondae om 10:00vm ook in Zoeloe aangebied en fokus veral op mense wat in die dorpsgebied woon. Ds Andrew Matsi behartig hierdie dienste. Dit word in Standerton Primary School se Saal aangebied. Almal is hartlik welkom.

Belangstellendes kan gerus vir Ds Andrew by ons kantore skakel vir meer inligting: (017) 712-2929.

Hillside Farm will Never be the Same

On the 16 February this year 2015, I visited a farmer Mr. Marius Coetzee at his farm Hillside around DeKuillen. The reason being that his people complained about their troubles at their work place. It is alleged that they are being tortured by a witch. They say there is someone amongst them, who is bewitching them, because when they enter their place of work, they feel weak, dizzy and sleepy. They also allege that they are unable to sleep well at their homes as this evil spirit is following them even there.

Thus, they asked Mr. Coetzee to help them pay for a Sangoma, so that they could work and sleep peacefully at their homes without the spell and curses from this witch.

But the farmer Marius and his wife as believers decided to call our REPLiKA office and asked Rev. Andrew Matsi to visit the farm for prayer and just to talk to the people about their trouble.

Mr. Coetzee introduced Rev. Andrew to them and after a lengthy discussion with the workers; he prayed with them and promised to visit them again in three days time. It was on a Thursday night when he showed them a Zulu film entitled “Izono zakho zizokufumana” meaning "Your sin will find you out."  The message was from the book of Numbers 32:23: "But if you will not do so, behold, you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure your sin will find you out."

Since then, the service of not less than fifty people including children is taking place on Thursdays. We thank the faithfulness of the Almighty for His intervention.

All Glory and Honor to Him alone!